Wiki Guidelines

First of all, thank you for your efforts to make this wiki better. Seriously, with a lot of blocks and items it is near to impossible for developers to keep wiki up-to-date.

See our Page Templates for use when creating and editing pages.

In order to have breadcrumbs we have 3 major sections:
Energy - Any item or block that uses power. Including cables, generators, batteries, machines, and powered tools.
Items - Non-power related items. Including cells, dusts, ingots, parts, etc.
Blocks - Non-power related blocks. Including ores, machine frames/casings, storage/tank units, etc.

Each item or block will require two pages:
1. A redirect page at its mods:namespace:item_name location (see below at #Minecraft_Items)
2. A content page in one of the three sections above

Here are some syntax examples for the two [P]lugins that provide extra Minecraft-specific features, and for handy DokuWiki tools:

Minecraft Items Plugin

Allows you to insert a fancy link to a block or item



namespace is either techreborn or minecraft for vanilla items
item_name is the registry name for an item



Produces: Iron OreIron Ore Copper OreCopper Ore

If this produces something that is grammatically incorrect (maybe you need plural or want “Cell” to refer to the “Empty Cell” page, etc) see the Manual Links tab for custom names.

This will automatically generate a link to the page mods:namespace:item_name. That page requires a redirect to the page with real content following wiki structure.

There should be no content besides redirects under the mods: namespace. For an example page, see Page Templates.

Minecraft Recipe Plugin

Allows for pretty formatted recipes.

size 3x3
input air air air
input air minecraft:coal air
input air minecraft:stick air
output minecraft:torch,4
tool minecraft:crafting_table

Attribute Default Value Allowed Values Description
size Optional; 3×3 Any positive integers. Size of the crafting grid in width by height.
input Optional; air Images from the :mods namespace. Fills in the crafting grid with items. Use input for each row of items on the crafting table you wish to define.
output Optional; air Images from the :mods namespace. Fills in the output section of the crafting grid with an icon.
tool Optional; minecraft:crafting_table Images from the :mods namespace. Replaces the icon of the Crafting Table with another block or tool.

Specifying Quantities

Both commands input and output take item stacks as arguments in the form:



wiki_page is prefixed with :mods: and therefore resolves the detail page and when suffixed again with .png the image of a block.

amount defines the quantity of an item that is used in the recipe. If omitted, exactly one is assumed. Only amounts larger than one are indicated with numbers.

Note that tool also takes an item stack as an argument, but it will ignore any amounts.

Additional Examples

input air minecraft:stick air
input minecraft:wood_planks minecraft:wood_planks minecraft:wood_planks
input minecraft:wood_planks air air
output techreborn:treetap

Example furnace recipe (note: size and tool are optional):

size 1x1
input minecraft:cobblestone
output minecraft:stone
tool minecraft:furnace



Images and links can also be specified manually using this format:

{{:mods:techreborn:compressor.png?nolink&24}}**[[mods:techreborn:compressor|Manual Naming]]** 

Which produces: Manual Naming

For a plain in-line link to a page you could use:

[[mods:techreborn:compressor|a plain link]]

Which would produce a plain link

Use links with images wherever it makes sense. You can use an image for non-item pages too, like an Insulated Copper Cable image to go with a link to the Cables page.


To edit a page that already has a redirect simply add &do=edit to the end of the URL (eg.

Redirect syntax for items is:


Where namespace is likely items, blocks or energy.
Namespaces can also be nested, like


Contextual example:
On the page mods:techreborn:grinder there should be the following redirect:


Vanilla Redirects

Also works for external links for vanilla items, for example:

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