Wiki guideline for editors

First of all, thank you for your efforts to make this wiki better. Seriously, with a lot of blocks and items it is near to impossible for developers to keep wiki up-to-date.

In order to have breadcrumbs we have 3 major sections: Items, Blocks and Energy. While Energy section contains information about blocks it servers purpose to not bloat Blocks section too much. This approach introduce kind of burden to create page for a particular block or item twice. First page - with content with one of above mentioned major section. Second page is redirect required by plugins used to help with items and recipes.

Couple words about these specific plugins we use:

1) Minecraft item plugin allows you to insert fancy link to block or item. Syntax:


namespace is either “minecraft” for vanilla items or “techreborn” for TR items and in general stands from mod name.
item_name is a registry name for an item. Same as in .json recipes, for example. Or in advanced tooltip withing MC.
Plugin will automatically generate link to a page like mods:techreborn:item_name. That page should have redirect to a page with real content. Redirect syntax for items is:


Replace “items” with “blocks” or “energy” to redirect to a proper section.

2) Minecraft recipe plugin Syntax:

size 1x1
input minecraft:cobblestone
output minecraft:stone
tool minecraft:furnace

where size and tool are optional

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