Advancement Tree

Icon Name Description Parent
Tech Reborn Acquire Tech Reborn Ore -
Tapping Time Craft a TreetapTreetap Tech Reborn
Nectar of the Tree Use a TreetapTreetap on a sticky spot on a Rubber Tree Tapping Time
Not So Sticky Smelt SapSap into RubberRubber Nectar of the Tree
Flowing Power Craft Copper CableCopper Cable insulated with RubberRubber Not So Sticky
Storing Power Craft a BatteryBattery Flowing Power
Accumulating Craft a Battery BoxBattery Box Storing Power
Today Junior Craft any Upgrade Flowing Power
Current Transformer Craft a LV TransformerLV Transformer Accumulating
Future Transformer Craft any other Transformer Current Transformer
One Small Step For Man… Craft an MFEMFE Accumulating
…One Giant Leap For Mankind Craft an MFSUMFSU One Small Step For Man…
Is This A Tesseract? Place down an Interdimensional SUInterdimensional SU …One Giant Leap For Mankind
Refined Iron Smelt an Iron IngotIron Ingot in a FurnaceFurnace to refine impurities out of it Tech Reborn
Super Critical Place an AlarmAlarm in the world Refined Iron
Heart of the Machine Craft a Basic Machine FrameBasic Machine Frame out of Refined Iron IngotRefined Iron Ingot Refined Iron
LIMITED POWER! Place a GeneratorGenerator Heart of the Machine
I Smite Thee! Place a Lightning RodLightning Rod into the world LIMITED POWER!
Hydropower Place a Water MillWater Mill surrounded by 4 water sources LIMITED POWER!
Magmatic Craft a Thermal GeneratorThermal Generator LIMITED POWER!
Slight Breeze Place a Wind MillWind Mill LIMITED POWER!
Power From Above Craft a Basic Solar PanelBasic Solar Panel LIMITED POWER!
Sun++ Craft the upgraded Advanced Solar PanelAdvanced Solar Panel Power From Above
Industrialization of Sunlight Craft the Industrial Solar PanelIndustrial Solar Panel Sun++
Ultimate clean energy Craft the Ultimate Solar PanelUltimate Solar Panel Industrialization of Sunlight
Sol Place a Quantum Solar PanelQuantum Solar Panel Ultimate clean energy
Now We're Alloying Craft a Iron Alloy FurnaceIron Alloy Furnace Heart of the Machine
Alloying Bliss Craft an electric Alloy SmelterAlloy Smelter Now We're Alloying
Flashy Furnace Craft an Iron FurnaceIron Furnace Heart of the Machine
Industrialization Place an Electric FurnaceElectric Furnace down Flashy Furnace
Singularity Impending Craft a CompressorCompressor Industrialization
One Man's Rubbish.. Place a RecyclerRecycler down Industrialization
Open Sesame! Craft a Scrapbox-inatorScrapbox-inator One Man's Rubbish..
Dust To Dust Craft a GrinderGrinder . Maybe try throwing ore in it? Industrialization
Liquid Goes Where? Craft a Solid Canning MachineSolid Canning Machine Industrialization
From Within Thou I Grow Craft an ExtractorExtractor Industrialization
Wired Craft a Wire MillWire Mill Industrialization
Flatten Craft a Rolling MachineRolling Machine Industrialization
Now We're Evolving Craft an Advanced Machine FrameAdvanced Machine Frame Tech Reborn
Endgame Craft an Industrial Machine FrameIndustrial Machine Frame Now We're Evolving
Some Serious Tankage Place a Quantum TankQuantum Tank down Endgame
Something From Nothing Craft a Matter FabricatorMatter Fabricator Endgame
Round And Round It Goes Craft an Industrial CentrifugeIndustrial Centrifuge Now We're Evolving
Small Beginnings Get a Small Pile Of Nickel DustSmall Pile Of Nickel Dust from the centrifuge Round And Round It Goes
What A Steel Place a Blast FurnaceBlast Furnace Small Beginnings
Iridiyum Grind Iridium OreIridium Ore in an Industrial GrinderIndustrial Grinder to get an Iridium IngotIridium Ingot What A Steel
Mini Supernova Place an Implosion CompressorImplosion Compressor down Iridiyum
Quantum Supremacy Craft any piece of Quantum Armor Mini Supernova
Coiling Craft a Fusion CoilFusion Coil Now We're Evolving
Fusion and The Furious Craft a Fusion Control ComputerFusion Control Computer Coiling
Old Man Atom Peace in the world, or the world in pieces! Tech Reborn
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