Energy is the cornerstone of Tech Reborn. It is the juice, that makes all the machines tick.

In its core, energy in Tech Reborn is very simple. Its created by Generators and consumed by machines, or stored in storage blocks like MFEs or MFSUs.

Generators make a certain amount of energy each tick, and deposit it either into any directly connected machines, or into a connected wire network.

Cables have an internal buffer, which depend on the tier of the cable. Cables will then first try and empty their buffer into any connected machines (at random), then the leftover energy of the the one cable + any other connected cables is averaged out across themselves.

You can think of a wire network as just a bunch of inter-connected tubes, where each tube can “contain” up to a certain amount of energy that it then tries to pass around.

The result of this implementation is that energy transfer is inefficient over long distances. To mitigate this, it is best to place buffers (energy storage blocks) every 10 or 15 blocks to “direct” the flow of energy.

Unlike past technology-based mods, there is currently no concept of voltage in Tech Reborn. Instead, energy gets divided up into several categories based on the Input/Output capabilities, and translates directly into the tiers of machinery the player should be able to construct by that point.

The tiers are as follows:

Energy Tier Input/Output Rates (EU/t) Machine Tier Cable Tier
Micro 8 Basic Any
Low 32 Advanced Tin
Medium 128 Industrial Copper / Insulated Copper
High 512 Ultimate Gold
Extreme 2048 Quantum HV / Insulated HV
Insane 8192 None Glass Fiber
Infinite 2147483647 Creative None

Tech Reborn by default is compatible with Forge Energy, EU and RF in versions 1.12.2 and bellow. 1.14 and 1.15.2 versions use Energy

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