Energy is the cornerstone of Tech Reborn. Machines require energy to run, the same as any electric machines used IRL.

At its core, Tech Reborn’s energy is very simple. Energy is created by Generators; passed through Cables; stored in Batteries; and consumed by Machines. Advanced networks may also make use of Transformers.

  1. Generators produce energy each tick—then they;
    1. output energy into any directly connected machines or cable—or if those are full;
    2. store the energy in their own storage
  2. Cables have an internal buffer (which depends on their tier)—Cables will;
    1. empty their buffer into any connected machines (at random)—or if those are full;
    2. average out any leftover energy across all connected cables
    • The result of this implementation is that energy transfer is inefficient over long distances. To mitigate this, it is best to place buffers (batteries) every 10-15 blocks to direct the flow of energy.
  3. Batteries input energy from up to 5 sources; then they —
    1. output energy into any directly connected machine or cable—or if that is full;
    2. store the energy in their own storage
  4. Transformers input energy at one rate—then they;
    1. output at the rate a tier below, bridging two networks with different tiers

Unlike other tech-based mods, there is no concept of voltage in Tech Reborn. Instead, energy is divided into categories based on the I/O capabilities, which translate into the tiers of machinery the player should be able to construct by that point:

Energy Tier I/O Rate (E/t) Machine Tier Min. Cable Requirement
Micro 8 Basic Tin
Low 32 Advanced Tin
Medium 128 Industrial Copper / Insulated Copper
High 512 Ultimate Gold
Extreme 2,048 Quantum HV / Insulated HV
Insane 8,192 - Glass Fiber
Infinite 2,147,483,647 Creative -

Main Interface

Machine Interface

  1. Input Slot
  2. Progress Indicator
  3. Output Slot
  4. Power Indicator
  5. Battery Slot (Can also be used as a item pipe between machines)
  6. Upgrade Slots
  7. Input/Output Config (See below)
  8. Redstone Config (See below)

I/O Interface

Input/Output Interface

  1. Selected Slot
  2. Blue indicates input - In this case input will be the top
  3. Orange indicates output - In this case output will be on the right side
  4. Auto Input/Output Options - In this case input will be “powered” (Pulled), in output case items will be Pushed
  • Some machines will have a 'Filter Input' option which only pulls compatible items for that slot (ie. do not pull planks into an Industrial Grinder)

Redstone Interface

Redstone Interface

  1. I/O Option - Will redstone control I/O config on/off
  2. Power I/O Option - Will redstone control machine power input (or generator output, or battery I/O)
  3. Crafting Option - Will redstone control machine crafting on/off
  • In this case a redstone signal will turn on item crafting and redstone off will turn off crafting
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