Insulated Copper Cable


Cables transfer energy across blocks. For an explanation of how cables interact with power, read general information about energy.

Name Tier Input & Output Rate (Energy per Tick)1) Buffer (Energy)2)
Tin CableTin Cable Low 32 128
Copper CableCopper Cable and Insulated Copper CableInsulated Copper Cable Medium 128 512
Gold CableGold Cable and Insulated  Gold CableInsulated Gold Cable High 512 2K
HV CableHV Cable and Insulated HV CableInsulated HV Cable Extreme 2K 8.1K
GlassFiber CableGlassFiber Cable Insane 8.1K 32.7K
Superconductor CableSuperconductor Cable Infinite 5.36M3) 2.1G
  • Copper, Gold, and HV cables can be insulated using RubberRubber. Uninsulated cables can cause damaging shocks (and use energy in the process)!
  • There is no insulated version of the GlassFiber CableGlassFiber Cable because this cable will not shock you.
  • There is no insulated version of the Tin CableTin Cable, but it will still shock you.
  • Cables can be dismantled instantly by shift-right-clicking with the WrenchWrench

1) , 2)
Rounded Down
There is currently a bug limiting this to 8,192. (Minecraft 1.16.5 | Tech Reborn 3.8.4 Build 236)
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