The Basin is a simple automation tool that is used to gather the SapSap from Rubber Trees. In order to use the BasinBasin, you must place it directly onto a Rubber Tree. It will then begin harvesting any sap directly above, on, or below the log it's currently attached to.

It has an internal buffer of one harvest1) before becoming full. The sap can be withdrawn by placing a storage container underneath(chest, storage unit, etc) the BasinBasin. It has a 40% chance to yield two sap instead of one.

The basin does not require an energy source.


The BasinBasin does not increase the spawn rate of the rubber on the tree - it simply acts as a basic form to automate the collection of rubber instead of manually tapping. In a sense, it's meant to be a set-and-forget type of machine.

An approximate yield of sap using a BasinBasin is 1.<html> <overline style=“text-decoration:overline”>5</overline></html> sap/hour/tree (using one BasinBasin on each of the four sides of the tree).

This test was performed by attaching a Basin to each side of 9 rubber trees and placing chests beneath each BasinBasin. The player then went AFK for approximately 60 minutes, after which they gathered the sap from all the chests. The total amount of sap gathered was 56.

This experiment was only run once with a small sample size to give a rough estimate - your results may vary.

This test was run on Minecraft 1.16.5 | Techreborn v3.8.4 Build 236.

Introduced in the 1.16 version of Tech Reborn

Editor's Note: this amount is unclear, but I take it to mean one individual piece of SapSap.
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