Basic Solar Panel

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are passive generators that produce energy from sunlight.

It is a tiered system, progressing as follows:

Name Tier Day Energy Generation per Tick Night Energy Generation per Tick Energy Storage
Basic Solar PanelBasic Solar Panel Micro 3 - 6k
Advanced Solar PanelAdvanced Solar Panel Low 12 - 24k
Industrial Solar PanelIndustrial Solar Panel Medium 24 4 48k
Ultimate Solar PanelUltimate Solar Panel High 48 8 96k
Quantum Solar PanelQuantum Solar Panel Insane 512 32 1m
Creative Solar PanelCreative Solar Panel1) Infinite

A solar panel has three possible states:

  • Direct Sunlight: The panel is producing at its maximum rate — Sky access, day time, and Clear weather.
  • Reduced Sunlight: The panel is producing its night-time generation rate — Night time, Rain, or Thunder weather.
  • Obstructed Sunlight: The panel doesn't have a direct view of the sky — A solid block is directly above it (the distance away from the top of the solar panel doesn't matter).

Day & Night

Solar Panels do not generate energy based on the light level of sunlight like the Daylight DetectorDaylight Detector, but are rather based on the Daylight Cycle and occur at times 12542 and 23460.

These times are the same as when the player can and cannot sleep in a bed.

  • Right click a solar panel to open its GUI and view the specifications and current status (this works on all tiers except Infinite).
  • Solar panels output energy from all sides, and putting a wire on the top does not interfere with energy generation.
  • Energy output can be turned on and off using RedstoneRedstone.
  • Solar panels all output at 2.0k Energy per Tick, and will likely be limited by the attached cable.2)

This panel is Tech Reborn's version of an infinite energy source. There is no recipe for this tier; it can only be acquired in Creative mode or via commands.
The only exception to this is the Creative Solar PanelCreative Solar Panel, whose Energy output is only limited by the cable or device connected to it.
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