Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit

The Lapotronic Energy Storage Unitaka LESU—is a battery multi-block that stores energy and charges items. For more details and how to use, read general information about Batteries.

Tier Input Output Storage
Low 32-512 E/t1 64 + (x * 64) E/t2 4 + (x) ME2

1 32 E/t base input. If >= 32 attached, increased to 128 E\t; If >= 128, increased to 512 E\t.
2 x = number of LESU Storage blocks attached;\\eg. 5 Storage Blocks attached would have an output of 384 E/t (64+5*64) and a storage of 24 ME (4+5*4)

  • While not impressive on its own, the LESU can be expanded by connecting LESU StorageLESU Storage to form a multi-block battery. Each attached LESU Storage will increase energy storage and output rate.
  • Input rate has non-linear scaling. If the multi-block has at least 32 LESU Storage blocks connected the input rate will increase to 128 E\t, and if it has at least 128 LESU Storage blocks connected the input rate will increase to 512 E\t. Between these numbers it will increase linearly, as the output rate does.
  • Limited to 536 attached storage blocks per LESU Controller because the capacity is limited by Java's 32-bit INT value (2,147,483,647E).
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