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Tech Reborn

Tech Reborn is a completely standalone tech mod including tools and machines to gather resources, process materials, and progress through the mod.

Take a look at Getting Started for help with the basics of the mod.

Tech Reborn can be downloaded from:

Versions below 1.17 also require Reborn Core to be installed separately
1.17+ has this included

Other mods by members of the Tech Reborn team can be found on the TR Homepage

Some mods can improve your experience using Tech Reborn. None are strictly required, as you can play all of Tech Reborn using what's provided within the mod and this wiki.

Icon Name Description Downloads Source
Roughly Enough Items (REI) The ultimate companion to any mod that adds blocks and items, it allows you to see recipes and uses for everything in-game Curseforge Source
Roughly Enough Resources (RER) REI add-on that shows the Y-levels that ores generate Curseforge Source
raw.githubusercontent.com_badasintended_wthit_6dbdd3dae8f32941184752a42f51d13b06fbadbe_platform_fabric_src_main_resources_wthit.jpg WTHIT Adds an in-game tooltip with information about the block (or fluid) the player is looking at Curseforge
megane WTHIT add-on that includes Tech Reborn compatible features such as energy, fluid volumes, and inventory contents Curseforge Source
Pipe Adds pipes to Minecraft that are wonderfully compatible with Tech Reborn that allow you to move items from machine to machine. Curseforge

1.12 Only This wiki can be viewed in-game using Charset Tablet, a mod created by Asiekierka that allows you to search and read a wide range of mod wikis in-game. Support for Tech Reborn is built in!

Both Tech Reborn and Charset Tablet need to be installed for it to work correctly.

To report an issue or make a suggestion, please head up to the Issue Tracker , and open a new issue. You will need a GitHub account for this (but calm, it's fast and free to get one ;-)).

Issue Reports

It is very important that you include the Tech Reborn version number in your issue report.

If you want personal help feel free to join our Discord Server 8-) to ask questions, or just keep up with news from Team Reborn.

We recommend Creeper Host for hosting your own Minecraft server, as well as other game servers. They have even provided a discount for Tech Reborn players!

You can follow this link to apply the discount or use our code manually during the checkout: modmuss50don

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