Industrial Drill

Industrial Drill

Industrial Drill is a most powerful drill in Tech Reborn. It can do AOE mining in 3×3 area.

It has 1.000.000 Energy storage. One can charge it using Battery BoxBattery Box or any other machine capable of charging powered items. Charge rate will be 8192 E\t.

Dig time doesn't depend on amount of blocks being broken. It is calculated only for targeted block. Drill will break adjacent blocks if their break time less or no more than 10 times harder to break target block with pickaxe or shovel. So if you are hitting SandSand then Industrial Drill will break adjacent StoneStone, but not ObsidianObsidian.

3×3 AoE mining activated by Sneak & Right Click at the same time. Industrial Drill will mine in regular 1×1 mode while Inactive. It will cost 150 Energy to break one block.




Use it as a nice replacement for both Pickaxe and Shovel. There is no use for Industrial Drill in crafting.

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