Peridot Dust

Peridot Dust

Peridot Dust is an intermediate product received by processing PeridotPeridot or Peridot OrePeridot Ore.

Peridot Dust could be further processed in Industrial ElectrolyzerIndustrial Electrolyzer.
9xPeridot DustPeridot Dust + Empty CellEmpty Cell → 2xMagnesium DustMagnesium Dust + 2xIron DustIron Dust + Silicon CellSilicon Cell + 2xCompressed Air CellCompressed Air Cell

Besides that Peridot Dust could be split into small piles using Crafting TableCrafting Table:


Also Peridot Dust could be compressed back into gem using raw power of TNT in Implosion CompressorImplosion Compressor:
4xPeridot DustPeridot Dust + 16xTNTTNT → 3xPeridotPeridot + 12xDark AshesDark Ashes

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