Tech Reborn adds a lot of items, that have special uses.

Tech Reborn has two types of armor: traditional ones made from ingots or gems, and powered armor that provides additional functionality besides protecting your soft tissues.

MaterialFull set defenseFull set armor toughnessEnchantability
Leather (vanilla)7015
Chainmail (vanilla)12012
Iron (vanilla)1509
Gold (vanilla)11025
Diamond (vanilla)20810
Netherite (vanilla)201215
Bronze ArmorBronze Armor1608
Ruby ArmorRuby Armor16010
Sapphire ArmorSapphire Armor1608
Peridot ArmorPeridot Armor16016
Silver ArmorSilver Armor11020
Steel ArmorSteel Armor1675
Quantum ArmorQuantum Armor20010

Red Cell Battery Portable batteries are used to store energy, and to power tools and armors from the inventory.

Usage Notes

  • Shift-right-click while holding the battery to activate it

Ingredients are used either to craft other ingredients, for example Small Pile of Dust used to craft Dust. Also ingredients are used to craft parts for machines.

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