The Drain is a simple contraption that is used to automate the gathering of fluid (Mostly water). It works in a simple fashion, any source fluid directly above it is put into its internal tank (Can only hold a bucket worth of liquid). This can then be pumped out, either by machines or tank units (All sides output besides of course the top of it).

This is particularly useful for 2×2 infinite water ponds, simply place the drain under one of the source blocks and watch it drain away. You should probably place a tank underneath the drain and configure it to pull from the drain above it using the interface of the tank.

It does not require an energy source nor consumes anything, it's entirely gravity-based.

Introduced in the 1.15 version of Tech Reborn

  • Updated for 1.16 version
  • Last modified: 2020/10/16 17:07
  • by drcrazy