Distillation Tower

Distillation Tower

The Distillation Tower is a multiblock machine that used to crack oil into components. The Distillation Tower is a medium tier machine with 128 E\t input rate and has an internal buffer of 10k Energy.


The only recipe for Distillation Tower provided by Tech Reborn is:
16xOil CellOil Cell + 16xEmpty CellEmpty Cell → 16xDiesel CellDiesel Cell + 15xSulfuric Acid CellSulfuric Acid Cell + Glyceryl CellGlyceryl Cell

Distillation tower requires 3x3x4 multi-block with hallow in the center.
First layer is made of 9xBasic Machine CasingBasic Machine Casing
Second layer is made of 8xIndustrial Machine CasingIndustrial Machine Casing
Third layer is made of 8xBasic Machine CasingBasic Machine Casing
Top Layer is made of 9xIndustrial Machine CasingIndustrial Machine Casing
Attach machine to the bottom center block and power it.

  • Updated for 1.16 version
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