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-{{ :​mods:​techreborn:​cloaking_device.png?​nolink&​200|Cloaking Device}} +~~REDIRECT>items:cloacking_device~~
-====== Cloaking Device ====== +
- +
-A **Cloaking Device** is capable of hiding a player when placed in one's chest slot.  +
-It can store up to 40M Energy units. It does not provide any armour points therefore it will not provide additional protection. While the device is on, it will make you invisible to other players and mobs, however mobs will still get agressive if you come too close to them. Usage cost is 10E/tick (200E/sec, 12KE/min and 720KE/hour accordingly). Its charge/​discharge rate is 8192E/t which means it will fully charge/​discharge in ≈ 4 minutes if Adjustable or Interdimensional SU is used. +
- +
-====== Recipe ====== +
-<recipe> +
-input techreborn:chrome_ingot techreborn:​iridium_alloy_plate techreborn:​chrome_ingot +
-input techreborn:​iridium_alloy_plate techreborn:​lapotronic_orb techreborn:​iridium_alloy_plate +
-input techreborn:​chrome_ingot techreborn:​iridium_alloy_plate techreborn:​chrome_ingot +
-output techreborn:​lapotronic_orbpack +
-</​recipe>​ +
- +
-====== Usage ====== +
-A Cloaking Device can be used as a chest armor capable of hiding player wearing it.+
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