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 +====== Scrap ====== 
 +**Scrap** is made using {{:mods:techreborn:recycler.png?nolink&24|Recycler}} **[[blocks:recycler|Recycler]]**. You can put any items into it and with 1 in 6 chance you will have **scrap** produced. **Scrap** could be crafted into {{:mods:techreborn:scrap_box.png?32|}}**[[items:scrap_box|Scrap Boxes]]** or used directly in {{:mods:techreborn:matter_fabricator.png?nolink&24|Matter Fabricator}}**[[blocks:matter_fabricator|Matter Fabricator]]** to produce {{:mods:techreborn:uu-matter.png?32|}}**[[items:uu-matter|UU-Matter]]**.
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