Peridot is a gem added by TechReborn. It is used to craft peridot armor set and also it could be grinded to Peridot DustPeridot Dust for further processing.

Crafting TableCrafting Table recipe:


Peridot could be made back from dust using raw power of TNT in Implosion CompressorImplosion Compressor:
4x Peridot DustPeridot Dust + 16x TntTnt → 3x Peridot GemPeridot Gem + 12x Dark Ashes DustDark Ashes Dust
4x Peridot DustPeridot Dust + 4x End CrystalEnd Crystal → 3x Peridot GemPeridot Gem + 4x Ender Eye Small DustEnder Eye Small Dust

Industrial GrinderIndustrial Grinder recipe:
Peridot OrePeridot Ore + Water CellWater CellPeridot GemPeridot Gem + 6xPeridot Small DustPeridot Small Dust + 2xEmerald Small DustEmerald Small Dust

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