Red Garnet Dust

Red Garnet Dust

Red Garnet Dust is an intermediate product received by processing Red GarnetRed Garnet.

Red Garnet Dust could be further processed in Industrial CentrifugeIndustrial Centrifuge.
16xRed Garnet DustRed Garnet Dust → 3xPyrope DustPyrope Dust + 5xAlmandine DustAlmandine Dust + 8xSpessartine DustSpessartine Dust

Besides that Red Garnet Dust could be split into small piles using Crafting TableCrafting Table:


Also Red Garnet Dust could be compressed back into gem using raw power of TNT in Implosion CompressorImplosion Compressor:
4xRed Garnet DustRed Garnet Dust + 16xTNTTNT → 3xRed GarnetRed Garnet + 8xDark AshesDark Ashes

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