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 +{{ :​mods:​techreborn:​diamond_jackhammer.png?​nolink&​200|Diamond Jackhammer}}
 +=======Diamond Jackhammer=======
 +**Diamond Jackhammer** is a more advanced version of <​mcitem>​techreborn:​steel_jackhammer</​mcitem>​ available from TechReborn. It has 400k FE energy storage. One can charge it using energy storage blocks, like <​mcitem>​techreborn:​battery_box</​mcitem>​. Jackhammer could be used as a replacement for pickaxe to break stone based blocks, like <​mcitem>​minecraft:​stone</​mcitem>​ or <​mcitem>​minecraft:​cobblestone</​mcitem>​ very quickly. **Diamond Jackhammer** has efficiency as 16 against stone type blocks compare to 8 for diamond pickaxe. It will cost 250 FE to break one block. ​
 +===== Recipe =====
 +input minecraft:​diamond techreborn:​steel_jackhammer minecraft:​diamond
 +input techreborn:​titanium_ingot techreborn:​advanced_electronic_circuit techreborn:​titanium_ingot
 +input air minecraft:​diamond air
 +output techreborn:​diamond_jackhammer
 +===== Usage =====
 +Besides main usage as stone chewer **Diamond Jackhammer** could be used in crafting.
 +input techreborn:​iridium_nugget techreborn:​diamond_jackhammer techreborn:​iridium_nugget
 +input techreborn:​overclocker_upgrade techreborn:​energy_flow_circuit techreborn:​overclocker_upgrade
 +input air techreborn:​iridium_alloy_plate air
 +output techreborn:​advanced_jackhammer
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