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 {{ :​mods:​techreborn:​advanced_drill.png?​nolink&​200|Advanced Drill}} {{ :​mods:​techreborn:​advanced_drill.png?​nolink&​200|Advanced Drill}}
 =======Advanced Drill======= =======Advanced Drill=======
-**Advanced Drill** is an advanced version of <​mcitem>​techreborn:​diamond_drill</​mcitem>​ and can do AOE mining in 3x3 area. It has 4.000.000FE ​energy storage. One can charge it using <​mcitem>​techreborn:​battery_box</​mcitem>​. ​Dig time doesn'​t depend on amount of blocks being brake and calculated for targeted block. Drill will break adjacent blocks if their break time less or no more than 10 times harder to brake than target ​block with pickaxe or shovel. So if you are hitting <​mcitem>​minecraft:​sand</​mcitem>​ then **Advanced Drill** will break adjacent <​mcitem>​minecraft:​stone</​mcitem>​ but not <​mcitem>​minecraft:​obsidian</​mcitem>​+**Advanced Drill** is an advanced version of <​mcitem>​techreborn:​basic_drill</​mcitem>​ and works same as Diamond Pickaxe or Diamond Shovel. It has 100k energy storage. One can charge it using <​mcitem>​techreborn:​battery_box</​mcitem>​. ​It will cost 100 Energy to break one block.
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 ===== Recipe ===== ===== Recipe =====
 <​recipe>​ <​recipe>​
-input air techreborn:iridium_alloy_plate ​air +input air minecraft:diamond ​air 
-input techreborn:iridium_nugget ​techreborn:energy_flow_circuit techreborn:iridium_nugget +input minecraft:diamond ​techreborn:advanced_electronic_circuit minecraft:diamond 
-input techreborn:overclocker_upgrade ​techreborn:diamond_drill ​techreborn:overclocker_upgrade+input techreborn:titanium_ingot ​techreborn:basic_drill ​techreborn:titanium_ingot
 output techreborn:​advanced_drill output techreborn:​advanced_drill
 +===== Usage =====
 +Besides use as a mining tool **Advanced Drill** could be used in crafting.
 +input air techreborn:​iridium_alloy_plate air
 +input techreborn:​iridium_nugget techreborn:​energy_flow_chip techreborn:​iridium_nugget
 +input techreborn:​overclocker_upgrade techreborn:​advanced_drill techreborn:​overclocker_upgrade
 +output techreborn:​industrial_drill
 </​recipe>​ </​recipe>​
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