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 +{{ :​mods:​techreborn:​mfsu.png?​nolink&​200|}}
 +====== MFSU ======
 +The **MFSU** can be used to charge items which use energy to function. For example, the {{:​mods:​techreborn:​lithium_battery.png?​nolink&​24|Lithium Battery}}**[[items:​lithium_battery|Lithium Battery]]**. Besides charging items, ​ you can also use the MFSU as an energy storage due to it's capacity. It is a High tier machine with an input and output rate of 512 Energy/tick and an internal storage of 10M Energy. **MFSU** accepts energy from all sides except dotted one, and provides energy from dotted side. 
 +===== Recipe =====
 +input techreborn:​lapotron_crystal techreborn:​advanced_electronic_circuit techreborn:​lapotron_crystal
 +input techreborn:​lapotron_crystal techreborn:​mfe techreborn:​lapotron_crystal
 +input techreborn:​lapotron_crystal techreborn:​advanced_machine_block techreborn:​lapotron_crystal
 +output techreborn:​mfsu
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