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 +{{ :mods:techreborn:lesu.png?nolink&200|}}
 +====== LESU ======
 +The **LESU** or Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit can be used to store energy and charge items which use energy to function. For example, the <mcitem>techreborn:electric_treetap</mcitem>. LESU block can store up to 1M energy with 32 E\t input and 5 E\t output. Input and output rates could be improved by adding LESU blocks. **LESU** accepts energy from all sides except dotted one, and provides energy from dotted side. 
 +===== Recipe =====
 +input air techreborn:lv_transformer air
 +input techreborn:advanced_circuit techreborn:lesu_block techreborn:advanced_circuit
 +input air techreborn:mv_transformer air
 +output techreborn:lesu
 +===== Usage =====
 +While LESU itself is not very impressive the true power comes by adding <mcitem>techreborn:LESU_block</mcitem> to form a multiblock structure. Each <mcitem>techreborn:LESU_block</mcitem> will contribute additional 1M energy to LESU and additional 1 E\t to I\O rates. 
 +While output rate will grow linear, input rate has a little bit different logic. If multiblock has at least 32 <mcitem>techreborn:LESU_block</mcitem> connected input rate will increase to 128 E\t and if multiblock structure has at least 128 <mcitem>techreborn:LESU_block</mcitem> connected input rate will increase to 512 E\t. Between these numbers it will increase linear, same as output rate. 
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