The LESU or Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit can be used to store energy and charge items which use energy to function. For example, the Electric TreetapElectric Treetap. LESU block can store up to 1M energy with 32 E\t input and 5 E\t output. Input and output rates could be improved by building multiblock machine from LESU and adjusted LESU Storage blocks. LESU accepts energy from all sides except dotted one, and provides energy from dotted side.


While LESU itself is not very impressive the true power comes by adding LESU Storage LESU Storage to form a multiblock structure. Each LESU Storage will contribute additional 1M energy to LESU and additional 1 E\t to I\O rates.

While output rate will grow linear, input rate has a little bit different logic. If multiblock has at least 32 LESU Storage blocks connected input rate will increase to 128 E\t and if multiblock structure has at least 128 LESU Storage blocks connected input rate will increase to 512 E\t. Between these numbers it will increase linear, same as output rate.

  • Updated for 1.16 version
  • Last modified: 2020/09/23 00:05
  • by drcrazy