The Grinder is a machine used to turn ores and other materials into dusts. This is especially useful for ores because it will double ingot production from single piece of ore.

Tier Input Power Draw Storage
Low 32 E/t 2 E/t 1 kE

Main usage of Grinder is to grind materials.

2x BoneBone → 6x Bone MealBone Meal 1x CobblestoneCobblestone → 1x GravelGravel 1x GravelGravel → 1x SandSand
1x NetherrackNetherrack → 1x Netherrack DustNetherrack Dust 1x Coal OreCoal Ore → 2x Coal DustCoal Dust 1x CoalCoal → 1x Coal DustCoal Dust
1x ClayClay → 1x Clay DustClay Dust 1x Gold OreGold Ore → 2x Gold DustGold Dust 1x Iron OreIron Ore → 2x Iron DustIron Dust
1xDiamond OreDiamond Ore → 1x DiamondDiamond1xRedstone OreRedstone Ore → 8x RedstoneRedstone1x Emerald OreEmerald Ore → 1x EmeraldEmerald
1x Lapis Lazuli OreLapis Lazuli Ore → 10xLapis LazuliLapis Lazuli1x Iron IngotIron Ingot → 1x Iron DustIron Dust1x Gold IngotGold Ingot → 1x Gold DustGold Dust
1x DiamondDiamond → 1x Diamond DustDiamond Dust1x EmeraldEmerald → 1x Emerald DustEmerald Dust1x Copper IngotCopper Ingot → 1x Copper DustCopper Dust
1x Silver IngotSilver Ingot → 1x Silver DustSilver Dust1x Galena oreGalena Ore → 2x Galena DustGalena Dust1x Ruby oreRuby Ore → 2x Ruby DustRuby Dust
1x Sapphire oreSapphire Ore → 2x Sapphire DustSapphire Dust1x Bauxite OreBauxite Ore → 2x Bauxite DustBauxite Dust1x Prismarine ShardPrismarine Shard → 1x Prismarine CrystalsPrismarine Crystals
1x Pyrite OrePyrite Ore→ 2x Pyrite DustPyrite Dust1x Cinnabar OreCinnabar Ore → 2x Cinnabar DustCinnabar Dust1x Sphalerite OreSphalerite Ore → 2x Sphalerite DustSphalerite Dust
1x Peridot OrePeridot Ore → 2x Peridot DustPeridot Dust1x Sodalite OreSodalite Ore → 2x Sodalite DustSodalite Dust1x Lead OreLead Ore → 2x Lead DustLead Dust
1x Silver OreSilver Ore → 2x Silver DustSilver Dust1x Copper OreCopper Ore → 2x Copper DustCopper Dust1x Tin OreTin Ore → 2x Tin DustTin Dust
1x RubyRuby → 1x Ruby DustRuby Dust1x SapphireSapphire → 1x Sapphire DustSapphire Dust1x PeridotPeridot → 1x Peridot DustPeridot Dust
1x Red GarnetRed Garnet → 1x Red Garnet DustRed Garnet Dust1x Yellow GarnetYellow Garnet → 1x Yellow Garnet DustYellow Garnet Dust1x Aluminium IngotAluminium Ingot → 1x Aluminium DustAluminium Dust
1x Brass IngotBrass Ingot → 1x Brass DustBrass Dust1x Bronze IngotBronze Ingot → 1x Bronze DustBronze Dust1x Chrome IngotChrome Ingot → 1x Chrome DustChrome Dust
1x Electrum IngotElectrum Ingot → 1x Electrum DustElectrum Dust1x Invar IngotInvar Ingot → 1x Invar DustInvar Dust1x Lead IngotLead Ingot → 1x Lead DustLead Dust
1x Nickel IngotNickel Ingot → 1x Nickel DustNickel Dust1x Platinum IngotPlatinum Ingot → 1x Platinum DustPlatinum Dust1x Steel IngotSteel Ingot → 1x Steel DustSteel Dust
1x Tin IngotTin Ingot → 1x Tin DustTin Dust1x Titanium IngotTitanium Ingot → 1x Titanium DustTitanium Dust1x Tungsten IngotTungsten Ingot → 1x Tungsten DustTungsten Dust
1x Zinc IngotZinc Ingot → 1x Zinc DustZinc Dust1x End StoneEnd Stone → 1x Endstone DustEndstone Dust1x GlowstoneGlowstone → 4x Glowstone DustGlowstone Dust
1x CharcoalCharcoal → 1x Charcoal DustCharcoal Dust1x ObsidianObsidian → 4x Obsidian DustObsidian Dust1x AndesiteAndesite → 2x Andesite DustAndesite Dust
1x BasaltBasalt → 1x Basalt DustBasalt Dust1x Blaze RodBlaze Rod → 4x Blaze PowderBlaze Powder1x DioriteDiorite → 1x Diorite DustDiorite Dust
1x Ender EyeEnder Eye → 2x Ender Eye DustEnder Eye Dust1x Ender PearlEnder Pearl → 2x Ender Pearl DustEnder Pearl Dust1x FlintFlint → 1x Flint DustFlint Dust
1x GraniteGranite → 2x Granite DustGranite Dust1x Nether Quartz OreNether Quartz Ore → 2x Quartz1x QuartzQuartz → 1x Quartz DustQuartz Dust
1x Quartz BlockQuartz Block → 4x Quartz DustQuartz Dust1x White WoolWhite Wool → 4x String

Used as an ingredient in the Crafting TableCrafting Table to produce:

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