Solar Panel

Solar Panel in Tech Reborn uses sunlight as a source of energy. It should be able to see the sun to generate energy.

Self-sustained free energy source
It is a tiered generation system, progressing as follows:

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Industrual
  4. Ultimate
  5. Quantum
  • Each subsequent panel produces more energy and stores more energy buffer than its predecessor.
  • When crafting, the previous tier is used to produce next tier up.
  • You can right click it to view the current status, the internal capacity and the amount of energy currently being produced.

The panel has three states:

  • Direct sunlight: The panel is producing at its maximum rate (Day time, sky access and sunny weather)
  • Reduced sunlight: The panel is producing its night-time generation rate (Night time or bad weather)
  • Obstructed sunlight: The panel doesn't have a direct view of the sky (E.G. a solid block is on-top of it)
  • The creative solar panel is our version of a infinite energy source (Creative only)
  • The quantum panel is a compact version of 8 ultimate solar panels

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