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 ===== Usage ===== ===== Usage =====
-Put wood and water into input slot.  +Put wood and water into the input slot.  
-Machine ​will produce planks, and with some chance {{:​mods:​techreborn:​saw_dust.png?​nolink&​24}} **[[items:​dust:​saw_dust|Saw Dust]]** and paper.+The **Saw Mill** ​will produce planks, and with chance ​of some {{:​mods:​techreborn:​saw_dust.png?​nolink&​24}} **[[items:​dust:​saw_dust|Saw Dust]]** and paper.
 {{gallery>:​blocks:​saw_mill_output.png?​lightbox}} ​ {{gallery>:​blocks:​saw_mill_output.png?​lightbox}} ​
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