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 +{{ :​mods:​techreborn:​player_detector.png?​200|Player Detector}}
 +====== Player Detector ======
 +The **Player Detector** is an utility block added by Tech Reborn. It's main purpose is to emit redstone signal if there are players nearby. Use <​mcitem>​techreborn:​wrench</​mcitem>​ on it to change whan kind of players to detect. Possible options are: you, other players, any player. It will use 10 Energy per tick to detect players.
 +===== Recipe =====
 +input air techreborn:​data_storage_core air
 +input techreborn:​advanced_circuit techreborn:​computer_cube techreborn:​advanced_circuit ​
 +input air techreborn:​data_storage_core air
 +output techreborn:​player_detector
 +===== Usage =====
 +Place **Player Detector** in the world, provide it with energy and set necessary detection option. ​
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