Fusion Control Computer

Fusion Control Computer used to produce vast amount of energy. It is an Insane tier machine with 32.768FE input rate and 400.000.000FE internal storage. Fusion Control Computer is a multi-block machine and consists of block itself and 24 Fusion CoilFusion Coil. It provides hologram to help building multi-block.
Fusion Control Computer will provide energy from top and bottom sides and will accept energy from other sides. As for items input you can configure it using side configuration tab with a wrench icon on it.


Materials required to craft Fusion Control Computer are:

This list doesn't include materials for coils. Also amount of RedstoneRedstone could be lower if you will produce Chrome DustChrome Dust from other sources like RubyRuby or Ruby OreRuby Ore. Iridium IngotIridium Ingot could be produced by various ways so pick the one you are comfortable with. Nichrome Heating CoilNichrome Heating Coil listed as material mainly because there is no way to automate Rolling MachineRolling Machine as for now.

You will need the following machines in order to craft Fusion Control Computer:

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