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-{{ :​mods:​techreborn:​charge_bench.png?​nolink&​200|}} 
-====== Charge Bench ====== 
-The **Charge Bench** charges batteries and tools, like the advanced drill. It has an input rate of 2048 FE/tick and an internal buffer of 400.000FE. Starting from Minceraft 1.12 it is renamed to <​mcitem>​techreborn:​charge_o_mat</​mcitem>​. 
-===== Recipe ===== 
-input techreborn:​energy_flow_circuit techreborn:​energy_crystal techreborn:​energy_flow_circuit 
-input minecraft:​chest techreborn:​lapotronic_energy_orb minecraft:​chest 
-input techreborn:​energy_flow_circuit techreborn:​advanced_machine_block 
-output techreborn:​charge_bench 
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